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Saanich Inlet

Saanich Inlet

Saanich Inlet (aka Saanich Arm) (48ᵒ40’N., 123ᵒ30’W) is a glacially carved fjord with the basin being about 230 metres (755 feet) deep. Located on the west side of the Saanich Peninsula and the East side of Vancouver Island. The Saanich Inlet is about 23 kilometres (14 miles) in length and a width varying from 3 to 7 kilometres (1.9 to 4.3 miles) and runs from Satellite Channel from the points of Hatch Point on the North West and Moses Point on the North East running south through Squally Reach to the head of the inlet which is known as Finlayson Arm which has a major tributary feeding the inlet from Goldstream River.

Some of the main residential areas being: Deep Cove, Towner Bay, Patricia Bay, Coles Bay, Thomson Cove, Brentwood Bay, Tod Inlet, Willis Point and Mill Bay. There is a great variety of homes and estates having a wide range of prices. The general climate is considered to be moderate and is felt to be about 12.2ᵒ Celsius (10ᵒ Fahrenheit) warmer than the east side of the peninsula.

The Saanich Inlet generally offers a desirable lifestyle with excellent boating, kayaking, canoeing, fishing, prawning, mollusce, diving, swimming (seasonal), water skiing, and a great variety of marine and bird life.

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